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What can you expect during your confidential one-on-one session?

You will talk about what it is that you need. What area in your life needs the most attention right now? Do you need to change jobs or do you need to find a new job? We can discuss the work I do with teachers in transition or mid-career professionals who find themselves at a career crossroads.

Do you need to address the unbridled stress and sense of overwhelm you are experiencing because of a work situation or a home related situation? We can talk about how I can help you with the 7 strategies that are outlined in the FREE eBook that you can download right now. Use this link to get your FREE copy if you haven't already.

If you are experiencing pain that isn't related to a medical or emotional problem that requires a licensed physician or therapist, we can discuss how a plan of action that you undertake with my guidance and support can move you forward, out of the pain you are feeling and into a place of empowerment that you will take with you moving into a future you want and deserve.

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